Predicting customer behavior

Predicting customer behavior


pollstr streamlines your customer service pipeline by analyzing all your digital text communications with customers


and delivering analytics that help you make better decisions, bots that automate customer service and learn over time, and predictions that let your company see into the future by looking back at your history


Pollstr takes all the text that is generated in conversations between your customers and the company to show you the most important topics, keywords, sentiments and other relevant statistics. Now you have an overview of how Customer Service (C.S.) is going.

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Pollstr develops and deploys a bot that solves your customers' problems automatically; bringing down the time and money you spend in repetitive C.S. tasks, so you and your customer service team can focus on the things that matter most.

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We use machine learning algorithms and natural language processing in order to anticipate possible important scenarios of your customers’ behaviors. Pollstr can help you understand your customers and their context better.

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